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A Letter from the President

First of all, I would like to thank everyone (players, fans, supportive spouses, board members, and those who have tolerated the massive amount of text messages I’ve sent) for helping to make this league possible. Thus far, it has been a blast for me and I hope that everyone involved is having fun.

SOME NUMBERS: Southeast Texas Flag Football League has been able to donate $1,200 to some great causes. (And that’s after only about two months of existence!) The FOOTBALL IS COMING! Tournament was a great success, and the season opener defied bureaucracy and nature to give us a terrific start. Eighteen different teams and over 150 players have played in SETX FFL games (including the tournament and league). Over 100 touchdowns have been scored (as well as one safety – Thanks Valve!). At this time, SETX FFL has eight teams, six board members, one extremely dedicated cinematographer, and approximately six bored spouses per game.

SOME ERRORS: The start of our organization has not been without some missteps, mistakes, and miscalculations. In the spirit of transparency, we will always own our baggage (whether it be carry-on or checked). I have been too patient with some, and too quick to action with others – issues and people. Some games had to be postponed, others canceled, and the schedule has had to change. When starting something from scratch, errors like this are to be expected – but they cannot be ignored. We expect a lot from ourselves, and will continue to take a pragmatic approach and make the league better. I only ask that our players (who have paid for a premium experience) be understanding during our first season. While miscues will occur, every attempt will be made to rectify them and learn from them.

SOME FINAL THOUGHTS: My original goals for SETX FFL were: a.) to promote football, and give those who wish to play an organized and competitive environment in which to do so. b.) to raise money for worthy causes. c.) to create a lasting organization that others are proud to be a part of and take part in. And to this point, I believe that our league has done well in furthering all of those goals. For SETX FFL to truly achieve those abstract goals, however, some concrete objectives are needed. These are the objectives I would like to begin with: a.) complete our inaugural season with all eight teams intact and crown a champion. b.) raise $2500 for worthy causes by June 1, 2016. c.) retain at least six of our original eight teams for the winter/spring league in early 2016. Finally, I welcome any objectives and goals that others would like to set for us. We are not opposed to change and trying new things (in fact, we encourage both). The future will see a winter/spring league and a final open tournament. The future may see an Ultimate (Frisbee) tournament and a beach 4-on-4 flag football tournament.

Thank you all for your support and interest!

Cody Courts


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