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Would Texas be ready for an SETX FFL All-Star Team? (Part 1)

From my point-of-view, the best athletes in the area all play in the SETXFFL. Big, fast and strong, we've got it all. With all-star discussions for the Spring season commencing, it got me thinking, "What if we made 1 Super Team and brought it to the rest of Texas?". We have all of these athletes spread over 14 teams, but if we combined forces, practiced our butts off, and got some kick-ass uniforms, how well would we represent Southeast Texas?

Most say the QB position is the most important on he field, so let's start there. Tone Goudeaux from the Jack Boys has the size and speed to make big plays. Jacob Diltz of the Showstoppers is incredibly accurate and takes care of the ball better than anyone. Rickey Jackson of the Spartans has the big arm and vision of a point guard to make all the throws. Matt Wilson of the Herd is a veteran who takes aggressive chances which can lead to big plays. Bruce Reyes of the Outlawz is young, but plays like a seasoned vet and is always calm under pressure. Then you have a few newcomers to the league: Patrick Riley of the 409 Boyz who has brought some new life to a team that has been together for many years; and Caleb Berry of the Average Joe's, who has D-1 collegiate ability and is bringing a new team into the playoffs; and Kyle Spinks of the Expendables who is big and agile with a strong left arm. I feel as though we could win with any of these guys throwing passes in high pressure situations.

Moving to the Center position. A good center is rarely noticed, but a bad center can kill your offense. We have several veteran Centers such as Herman Smith from the 409 Boyz who has the length to make catches in traffic in the middle. Cody Courts of the Herd who is great at distributing the ball the open runners by pitching from all angles after making tough catches. Walt Durham of the Showstoppers is always consistent, never makes a bad snap and is trusted to run routes all over the field. Then Chris Bronson of the Spartans has to snap it 20 yards at times, then can box you out to make catches. The one thing these guys have in common is their "break away speed" that makes them so deadly. Then you have athletes like Tayylor Labrie of the Jack Boys and John Landry of the Outlawz who can get deep behind the secondary and make any DB look silly. They all have a different style, but you can't go wrong with anyone of them snapping the ball.

These 2 positions are where the offense starts, but the guys that will be catching the passes are even more electrifying. In Part 2, I'll talk about the Backs, Slots and Wide Receivers that put points on the board in seconds. Stay tuned.

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