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Yo Momma

It doesn't matter if you call yourself a Spartan, a Showstopper, an Average Joe, a Jack Boy, or any other SETX FFL team. If you play in the SETX FFL you have a Team Mom.

I know, I know, you think you're a little too old to have a Team Mom... We are adults by the way.

No matter how old we may be, one thing is for certain, the SETX FFL would not be what is today without its Team Mom.

Her name is Stacy Courts, mother of the infamous Cody Courts. Without her you would not be the YouTube star you think you are. You see, it takes a lot of people working together to make this league happen and I imagine not too many people are willing to video grown-ass men playing flag football for eight hours a day. However, Stacy does and she does it with a smile.

She is a pro at it too, I might add. Not only can she video, she can simultaneously work the scoreboard and game clock as well. This helps free up Cody's time so you can bitch at him for whatever "hoe-ing" you received this week.

Not to mention when its 85 degrees outside and your forgetful ass left your water bottle at home and your dying of thirst, there is that little white ice chest that comes to your rescue. Ever thought about who brought that?

I'll give you a hint...

And when its all said and done on Sunday, she does what every Mom does.... She picks up after her dirty-ass kids!

If you didn't know how your trash got picked after the game, now you do.

She does this all, just about every Sunday, all day, and she doesn't charge the league anything. (Cody might buy her a Subway sandwich every now and then, but sources have not confirmed this.)

So, the least we can do, especially in honor of Mother's day, is look up to the press box, tip our hats, wave and say 'thank you' to the SETX FFL Team Mom!

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