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2017 State of the League Address

We are now entering our third year, and it has been an awesome experience thus far. SETX FFL has officially become a non-profit organization, which will now allow us to secure more sponsors and conduct our events in a more professional manner. This has not been an easy task, but anything worth doing is difficult at times. I would like to thank our dedicated board members, players, and supportive family for everything they have contributed (most of all, their time) to our cause.

Now that the boring glad-handing is out of the way, I’d like to address a more virtuous matter. Throughout my experiences with flag football (and life for that matter), I have always found it wonderful whenever something exceeded my expectations…when I have really received my money’s worth…when a pleasant surprise happened. That simple idea is what I believe our league has become. I take the most pride in the fact that those who pay money for tournaments and leagues always get more than what they expected. The excitement of the Diamond Backs upon making it to the playoffs, and the Jack Boys’ commentary during The Game of the Week are priceless. Thanks to the board members manning cameras and referee shirts, we are able to have the best flag football organization that I have ever seen. I always get excited on the Mondays following a tournament or league-week, because I get to update standings, post videos and pictures, and read the comments from all the players. The bottom line is: If you play in a Southeast Texas Flag Football League, you will get what you paid for…and most likely more.

Looking forward, we are excited to bring you more episodes of Amateur Hour (podcast), more inductees into the SETX FFL Hall of Fame, and many more tournaments and leagues. Special thanks goes out to the SETX FFL Board, our excellent referees, and all of the people who have helped to make our organization a success (in particular, my mother – Stacy Courts – who videos almost all of the games…rain, heat, or otherwise).

Cody Courts, President

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