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About us...

Southeast Texas Flag Football League is dedicated to the play of organized flag football in Southeast Texas.  It places the highest importance on fairness, safety, and the enjoyment of all who play.  We have a board of trustees that make our decisions on events, rules, and the allocation of funds.


Our tournament fees range from $100 per team to $225 per team (each team is always guaranteed at least two games).  Our leagues range from $225 per team to $400 per team (each team is guaranteed at least eight games over a period of seven to eleven weeks).  The fees do not include referee fees, which range from $20 to $25 per game.  The referee fees are payed at game time by each team before the game begins.  Aside from the referee fees, all money collected by SETX FFL is either used to purchase equipment (examples:  flags, awards, advertising, etc...) or donated to a worthy cause (examples:  Lumberton Independent School District, The 100 Club of Southeast Texas, fundraisers, etc...).  Aside from referees being paid, no individual profits from any SETX FFL event.

okay, I  want to play...What's in it for me?

Glad you asked!  We provide an excellent playing field (located at 200 Raider Lane in Lumberton, TX), awards for stand-out players and event winners, referees, a fun and competitive environment, awesome highlight videos and social media exposure (so you can share your best - or most interesting - plays with your friends), and a myriad of other things that make the experience exciting and enjoyable.

How do I sign up?

It's easy!  Just email, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instgram (you'll find our links at the bottom of this page), or call (409) 466-1250.  Let us know which tournament or league your interested in, and we'll send you a roster form and further instructions.  You must pay for your event before your team can be added to the schedule.

About the Rules and Refs:

Our referees are highly qualified, and most are TASO Certified.  They do an excellent job of controlling the game and providing a fair playing field.  We ask that you do not abuse them with profane language or beg for calls.  We have a rulebook in place, however, due to the ever-changing nature of our sport (and the fact that we are a recreational league), the referee has the final judgment on all calls during a game.  Our referees are there for two reasons:  to provide safety and to provide fairness.  They are not there to enforce every single infraction, alter the game needlessly, or be verbally abused.  We have instructed our referees to keep the spirit of the game in mind when doing their jobs, and not to be inflexibly adherent to the rulebook.

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