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When: 10/18/2020 | 10/25/2020

Where: 200 Raider Ln. LUMBERTON, Tx

$20 per game REF fee

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10/18/20 Schedule

10am: Jackboys 50 vs. Nighthawks 12

11am: Herd 14 vs. Showstoppers 34

12pm: Ta4e 0v9r 26 vs Renegades 14

1pm: Them Boys 34 vs. Squad 25

2pm: Expendables 50 vs. Primetime 20

10/25/20 Schedule

10am: Squad 14 vs. Expendables 46

11am: Renegades 24 vs Them Boys 44

12pm: Showstoppers 18 vs Ta4e 0v9r 28

1pm: Nighthawks 12 vs. Herd 33

2pm: Jackboys 28 vs Primetime 12


3pm Jackboys 45 vs Them Boys 26

4pm Ta4e 0v9r 34 vs Expendables 27

Championship: Jackboys 44 vs. Ta4e 0v9r 33

3:15pm: Playoff

-All undefeated teams will play in a single elimination playoff with fewest points allowed determining the seeding.

-If there are fewer than two undefeated teams, the 1-1 team with the fewest points allowed will play in a championship game against the undefeated team. (If there are no undefeated teams, the two 1-1 teams with the fewest points allowed will play in the championship game.)

-We will continuously update who is out of playoff contention.


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